Free Boat Wash/Decontamination Stations
Aquatic Invasive Species(AIS) are serious threats to the Adirondack Park. These organisms are distributed outside of their indigenous range mostly through human activities and can become invasive in their new environments.

Boat Wash Stations

Free boat wash stations are located throughout the Adirondack region for visitors and residents alike, placed strategically to combat aquatic invasive species (AIS) that often find their way onto watercraft. These AIS, including the commonly known Eurasian Milfoil, can be detrimental to recreation, local economies and human health. Once introduced and established, aquatic invasive species are nearly impossible to eradicate.

 With high pressure, hot water(120-140 degrees f), these boat wash systems reduce the chance of introducing AIS into pristine waterways and further harming partially infested waterways. Each wash station is run by individuals trained to identify invasive species and properly decontaminate any evident or suspected threat. A full wash/decontamination takes less than 15 minutes!   

The Adirondack Region is home to globally significant wetlands, approximately 2,800 lakes and ponds, and over 30,000 miles of rivers and streams. With an abundance of high-quality water resources comparatively uninvaded by the scores of invasive species in other state waters, the Adirondacks present a crucial opportunity for stewardship and AIS prevention. The Park protects almost six million acres of forests, mountains and waterways, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors and seasonal residents annually. Most prominent among the many attractions of the region are its opportunities in snow-free months for aquatic recreation, including paddling, sailing, motorboating, swimming, diving, camping, and fishing.

 The Adirondack Park Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Program is funded by the New York State Environmental Protection Fund

Stewardship Program
Boat Decontamination

The hot water pressure washer units will provide a safe mechanism to disinfect exterior surfaces, including hulls, propeller units, trailers, and top decking. For interior, sensitive locations, such as bilges, a low pressure flush will be used. Equipment such as fishing gear and floatation devices will be soaked in hot water using low pressure. Stewards will work with boat owners to ensure proper hull disinfection without any damage to the boat, its components or any equipment.

Free, Full Service, Wash Stations
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