Limnology & Water Quality Monitoring Reports

Water Quality Reports
Laxson, C., Yerger, E., Favreau, H., Regalado, S., and D. Kelting. April 15, 2019
This report is designed to provide lake information about ALAP lakes to the informed lay person, scientific community, lake managers, and other interested individuals.
Corey Laxson, Elizabeth Yerger, and Daniel Kelting October 24, 2017
The goal of this enhanced program is to gain a better understanding of nutrient loading to the lake and the impact of road deicers.
Corey Laxson, Elizabeth Yerger, Hunter Favreau and Dan Kelting March 16, 2018
The objectives of this work are to document and track acid and trophic characteristics of the lakes, and to provide recommendations for acid mitigation and lake management.
Laxson, C.L., and D.L. Kelting June 11, 2014
McCavanaugh Ponds Water Quality Report 2013
Wiltse, B., Yerger, E.C., Pionteck, N.C., & Laxson, C.L. May 2, 2018
Mirror Lake 2017 Water Quality Report
Corey Laxson, Elizabeth Yerger, and Daniel Kelting March 16, 2018
Rainbow Lake Chain Water Quality Report 2017
Laxson, C.L., Yerger, E.C., Favreau, H.J., and D.L. Kelting May 2, 2018
St. Regis Chain 2017 Water Quality & Limnology Report
Corey Laxson January 31, 2019
Twenty-five years of limnological monitoring on Hamilton County lakes has informed us that the lakes support relatively low algal productivity and stable trophic characteristics.
Laxson, C.L, Yerger, E.C., Regalado, S.A., and D.L. Kelting May 15, 2017
The goal of this report is to provide a synthesis of the historical and current monitoring data for Upper Saranac Lake and to provide interpretations of the findings where possible.
Senator Betty Little visited the AWI today to talk about current and future programming and to tour our facilities!…
Autumn education- high school students learn about watersheds on the beautiful Lower St. Regis Lake.
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