Environmental Education

Environmental Education Programs:

Like learning another language, the process of building environmental awareness to change behavior is most effectively begun when people are young. It was with this understanding, combined with the need to reach a broader audience, that we offer the AWI Water Shield Workshops. Our workshops are designed to engage school-aged participants in a hands-on watershed education experience. Children and adults that participate in our environmental education programs walk away with a deeper, more meaningful understanding for how complex, important, and threatened our watersheds are.

In addition to our watershed workshops, we work closely with our partners public education programs, including:

* Adirondack Watershed Steward training

* Aquatic plant identification and mapping

* Water quality monitoring and sampling

* Tabling and public presentations at meetings and events

Please contact us if your group/organization is interested in a presentation or workshop

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Water Shield Workshop
Water Shield Workshop

Our vision for the Water Shield Workshop is to provide participants with a meaningful watershed experience that leads to a deeper understanding of local watershed ecosystems and a desire to protect them. By learning on land and water, Adirondack Watershed Institute environmental educators lead participants on an exciting and informative look "immersion" into the dynamic world of watersheds.

The Paul Smith's College's Water Shield Workshop program is designed to educate school-aged children and adults about local watershed ecosystems, their health, changing conditions, and how people interact with them. In general the program is broken into four interactive lessons; Watershed Processes, Natural History of Aquatic Plants and Invertebrates, Invasion Ecology and Stewardship, and Limnology.

Water Shield Workshops can be hosted at Paul Smith's College, giving participants the opportunity to explore the watershed ecosystem of the St. Regis Chain of Lakes, and experience everything our campus as to offer. For a more place based learning experience, our workshops can also travel to specific lakes and regions within the Adirondack Park. Please contact us to schedule a workshop or to find out more information.

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