Research and Other Reports

Research and Other
Corey Laxson, Daniel Kelting October 24, 2017
Our objective was to estimate the effect of road salt on soil base cation export for the Adirondack Park.
Johnstone, M., H. Smith, E. Holmlund, M. Modley, E. DeBolt, K. Rohne March 31, 2014
Recommendations for the Adirondack Region (2014)
Kelting, D.L., and C.L. Laxson June 5, 2014
Commissioned report on environmental and economic costs of road salting and recommendations for improved winter road management
Kelting, Laxson, Yerger June 5, 2014
Research paper on the relationship between lake salt concentrations and density of paved roads
Evans, C.A., D.L. Kelting June 5, 2014
Research paper on the tolerance of milfoil fragments to drying
Kelting and Laxson May 30, 2014
Journal publication on a study that documented the effectiveness of using hand harvesting to control Eurasian watermilfoil
Autumn education- high school students learn about watersheds on the beautiful Lower St. Regis Lake.
Watersheds are more than just waterways themselves. Humans, animals, plants, cars, factories, salt trucks and much…
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Paul Smiths, NY (06/12/2018) — The Paul Smith's College Adirondack Watershed Institute (AWI) has been awarded a five-...



Grand Isle, VT – Researchers confirmed the presence of fishhook waterflea (...

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