AIS Prevention Program Actions

What will the program do for me?

Trained stewards will provide you with a courtesy boat inspection, up-to-date information on Adirondack waterways and which are known to harbor AIS, and can teach you how to inspect, clean, drain and dry your watercraft to minimize the risk of transporting AIS. We can also provide you with a free decontamination of your boat and trailer so that you can use Adirondack waters with confidence.

What is involved?

Our well-trained and friendly staff will quickly bring you up to speed on what you need to know about AIS and will inspect your watercraft in a matter of minutes. If your boat shows evidence of carrying AIS, mud, or standing water, the stewards can quickly decontaminate your watercraft by using a safe and effective hot water wash system. The whole process takes no longer than 15 minutes and is entirely voluntary.

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Boat Decontamination

The hot water pressure cleaner units will provide a safe mechanism to disinfect exterior surfaces, including hulls, propeller units, trailers, and top decking. For interior, sensitive locations, such as bilges, a low pressure flush will be used. Stewards will work with boat owners to ensure proper hull disinfection without any damage to the boat or its components.

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