Team Members

Permanent Staff Members

The Adirondack Watershed Institute has eight permanent staff members, several Paul Smith's College faculty affiliates, and numerous seasonal staff. Under the guidance of the Executive Director, each team member brings their expertise and energy to accomplish the mission and achieve the vision of the AWI.

Dan Kelting
Executive Director of Adirondack Watershed Institute
1999 Ph.D. Forest Soils, Virginia Tech

As Executive Director, Dan is an officer of Paul Smith's College and has primary responsibility for managing and coordinating AWI programs, for obtaining grants and contracts for AWI activities, for developing collaborations with external organizations, and for representing the Institute to various stakeholders. He also directs the research program and participates in most AWI research projects. Dan is also a Professor of Environmental Sciences and teaches Forest Soils and mentors students in undergraduate research. Learn more about Dan Kelting.

Eric Holmlund
Director of Watershed Stewardship Program
2010 Ph.D. Environmental Studies, Antioch University New England

Eric joined the faculty at Paul Smith's College in 1995 and is currently an Associate Professor of Recreation and Director of the Watershed Stewardship Program. In addition to his duties as Director of the Watershed Stewardship Program, Eric teaches several courses in recreation and environmental communication and coordinates the Recreation, Adventure Travel and Ecotourism (RATE) baccalaureate program at the College. He is interested in social pressures on recreational resources along with sustainable forms of tourism. He also manages a cooperative program with EARTH University in Costa Rica that promotes student and professional exchange related to RATE. He is a co-author, with Jack Drury, of The Camper's Guide to Outdoor Pursuits (1997).

Kathleen Wiley
Assistant Director of Watershed Stewardship Program
2001 M.S. Environmental and Forest Biology, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Kathleen is currently serving as the Assistant Director of the Watershed Stewardship Program. She is originally from Keene Valley and is currently working on a PhD in environmental studies at Antioch University. She believes the water of the Adirondacks are still relatively pristine and she wants to help keep them that way. She enjoys any excuse to be outdoors including canoeing, sailing, bicycling, trail running, and hiking.

Corey Laxson
Research Associate II
2002 M.S. Aquatic Ecology, SUNY Brockport

Corey joined Paul Smiths College in 2002 and has been working with the AWI since 2005. He is a broadly trained aquatic biologist with expertise in food web ecology, invasion biology, aquatic invertebrate ecology, water quality, and aquatic taxonomy. As a Research Associate, Corey is responsible for coordinating and executing much of the AWI's field and laboratory work, as well as day-to-day management of the AWI's Environmental Research Lab. In addition he plays a large role in program research and report writing. Corey also teaches a number of courses at Paul Smith's College such as: Limnology, Aquatic Invertebrates, Aquatic Plants, and Mammalogy. Corey also serves as an advisor for students interested in thesis projects focused on aquatic ecology. View Corey's resume

Jeffrey Sann
Stewardship Program Manager
2011 B.S. Natural Resource Management and Policy, Paul Smith's College

Jeff started as the AWISP Program Manager in 2015. Prior to that, he worked as a Watershed Steward, and Regional Supervisor for the Stewardship Program. Jeff focuses his efforts on AIS spread prevention through work with decontamination sites and watershed stewards throughout the Adirondacks. He also enjoys training and educating steward staff, volunteers and waterway users. You can expect to find him at a boat decontamination site or helping out on a Water Shield Workshop. He enjoys spending time outside with his family, fishing, gardening and music.  

Lee Ann Sporn
Professor of Biology eDNA method development
1987 Ph.D. , University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry Toxicology

Lee Ann joined the faculty at Paul Smith's in 2003 as an associate professor in the Biology Program. Her interests include the development of non-invasive methods for molecular analyses of environmental samples and wildlife samples. Lee Ann is also an avid painter and has contributed several pieces of aquatic themed artwork to the Adirondack Watershed Institute. She had been published in several peer reviewed sources including Microbial Pathogenesis (2000), The Journal of Biological Chemistry (1999), and Infection and Immunity (1999).

Sean Regalado
GIS Research Assistant
2013 B.S Biology, Paul Smith's College

Sean Regalado is from Downey, California. After High school he attended Cerritos College, a community college near his home town. After two years, he transferred to Paul Smith's College and then graduated in 2013 with a B.S. in Biology with minors in GIS and Chemistry. He spent his first summer in the Adirondacks working for the Adirondack Watershed Institute as an aquatic plant management technician; for the two summers following, he continued this roll. After his graduation in December of 2013, he was hired by the Institute to continue his GIS research on road runoff in the Park as well as meet the day to day GIS and data needs of AWI. In the Summer of 2015, he lead AWI's rapid response team which surveyed the diversity of aquatic plants in the Adirondacks and used SCUBA based management to remove newly discovered invasive species infestations. Currently, he is researching patterns of aquatic plant diversity and community assemblage in the Park as well as preparing for the 2016 summer field season. He has published two peer reviewed papers while attending at working for Paul Smith's College: 'Of Paleo-Genes and Perch: What if an "Alien" is Actually a Native?' in the journal PloS One and 'Landscape level estimate of lands and waters impacted by road runoff in the Adirondack Park of New York State' in the journal of Environmental Monitoring and Assessment.

Heather Coleates
Program Administrator
2014 B.A. Environmental Studies, Paul Smith's College

Heather joined the team in 2015 to provide administrative support to the Adirondack Watershed Institute. Her main responsibilities include bookkeeping, payroll management, and overseeing our blog, newsletter, and social media platforms. In her free time, she can be found hiking, skiing, and paddling - any excuse to get out and enjoy the Adirondacks.

Sue O'Reilly
Science & Data Manager
2009 B.S. Biological Sciences, University of New Orleans

Sue began as an AWI steward in 2014 and continued as weekend supervisor and science supervisor in 2015. She is a Saranac Inn native and an Air Force veteran. Since 2001 she has worked twelve seasons at research stations in Antarctica, so she is very happy to be back home and working to protect our beautiful Adirondacks. During her free time she can usually be found chasing a very energetic golden retriever through the woods.

Lauren Henderson
Human Resources Assistant
2015 B.S. Natural Resource Sustainability, Paul Smith's College

Lauren assists with human resources responsibilities including hiring, record keeping, and other office duties. She also enjoys the public outreach and education aspect of working for the Stewardship Program. As a watershed steward for the summer of 2015, she stewarded at various locations in the Northeast and Paul Smith's Region. Her special projects as a steward included education and outreach, summit stewarding on St. Regis Mountain and working with the Friends of St. Regis Mountain Fire Tower.
Interests: Hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, paddling – being outside

Seasonal Staff Members

The Adirondack Watershed Institute employs numerous seasonal personnel to assist with aquatic invasive species management, water quality monitoring, and related science projects.

Eric Paul
Office Assistant
2012 B.S. Natural Resources Management and Policy, Paul Smith's College

Eric Paul started as a Watershed Steward in Cranberry Lake for AWI in 2010. He remained a steward in Cranberry Lake until 2013. In 2016 he returned to AWI as a Regional Supervisor in the Southwest Region. Eric has a prior degree from Clarkson University in Business and Technology Management. He enjoys combining his educational and work experience to manage staff in the environmental field.

Jake Sporn
Office Assistant
2014 B.S Business Management & Entrepreneurial Studies, Paul Smith's College

Jake attended Paul Smith's college and is a self-taught photographer/videographer. He started working for the Stewardship Program of the AWI in 2014 and now provides assistance with digital design and marketing efforts, among other things. When not working, you could find Jake tending to his honeybees, skiing, or out in the woods somewhere.

Watershed Stewards

The following indivuduals comprise the 2016 team of Watershed Stewards. The stewards will work to educate the public about aquatic invasive species (AIS) issues pertaining to specific watersheds. In addition, they will interact with visitors at boat ramps and perform watercraft inspections intended to prevent the transport of AIS.

Tri Lakes Region
• Teresa Troy (supervisor)
• Jon Nielsen (weekend supervisor)
• Amanda Menard
• Amelia McDonnell
• Bayle Reichert
• David Prosser
• Elisa McIntosh
• Erik Johnson
• Grace Mayhew
• Jake Holvik
• Jake Kuryla
• Jake Sporn
• Jake Weber
• Janelle Hoh
• Jessie Fischer
• Kristel Guimara
• Nate Wells
• Tiger Smith
• Tim Flannery

Northeast Region
• Lauren Henderson (supervisor)
• Hunter Favreau (weekend supervisor)
• Austin Staley
• Dick Becker
• Kaitlyn LaVoie
• Knut Gliddi
• Nathan Brault
• Sage MacKenzie
• Sarah Bracy

Northwest Region
• Tyrah Pollack (supervisor)
• Karl Hunter (weekend supervisor)
• Brooke Bronner
• Logan Adams
• Nate Morey
• Nolan Fedorow
• Rachel Curtis
• Will Bronner

Cental Region
• Jaime Parslow (supervisor)
• Emily Michienzi (weekend supervisor)
• Abigail Bobbette
• Andrew Zart
• Christopher Malin
• Darcy Foutch
• Kevin Kennedy
• Margaret Augustine
• Mark Godecki
• Mike Vail
• Zach Gauthier

Southeast Region
• Deanna Pfau (supervisor)
• Alex Morency
• Carter Johnson
• Phil Dumais
• Tim Baker
• Zoe Plant

Southwest Region
• Eric Paul (supervisor)
• Jerry Egenhofer
• John Chamberlin
• Josh Howard
• Lance Gocke
• Paul Garrison
• Ryan Baileys
• Shawn Boland

AWI Research Technician

The primary duties of the AWI Research Technician are to assist with field and laboratory work in support of AWI research and monitoring projects throughout the Adirondack region. Technicians may also assist with aquatic plant surveys and mapping, gathering stream hydrologic data, collecting, processing and chemical analysis of water samples, data entry, and equipment maintenance. They are also responsible for the day-to-day logistics of Adirondack Lakes Assessment Program, which includes coordinating sample pickup and delivery, and arranging for and conducting lake visits for sample collection and volunteer training, among other duties.

The following individuals comprise the 2016 team of AWI Research Technicians:

Hunter Favreau

AWI Aquatic Plant Management Team

Members of the Aquatic Plany Mangagement Team are primarily involved in the removal and suppression of Eurasian water milfoil. Major duties include staging, deployment, and removal of benthic barrier mats, hand harvesting via SCUBA, collection, transport and disposal of invasive plants, equipment maintenance, record keeping, and maintaining professional relationships with clientele.

The following individuals comprise the 2016 Aquatic Plant Management Team:

team leader

Zach Davidson

Aquatic Plant Management Technicians

Brett Wimsatt
Nathan Wells
Nick Masucci
Victoria LoRe


AWI Aquatic Rapid Response Team

The AWI Aquatic Rapid Response teams' primary function is to conduct aquatic plant surveys and to coordinate management of new invasions in lakes and ponds in the Great Lakes Watershed portion of the Adirondack Park.

The following individuals comprise the 2016 Aquatic Rapid Response Team:

team leader

Sean Regalado

survey technicians

Demetra Panos
Lindsey Pett
Peter Murphy


Paul Smith's College undergraduate students discuss working for the AWI.
Stewardship Program Report

Aquatic invasive species (AIS) continue to be a great concern all across the Adirondack region, demanding increasing attention and resources from communities and agencies far and wide. The Adirondack Watershed Institute Stewardship Program is part of coordinated efforts at the local, regional and statewide levels to arrest the spread of AIS. The AWI works year-round with partner organizations, communities and government agencies to understand and manage a range of environmental quality issues through research and education. 2015 was the sixteenth field season for the AWI's Stewardship Program. View our 2015 report for program highlights, accomplishments, and future plans.

2015 Program Report
News & Events

We are now filling positions for the 2017 boating season!  Watershed stewards, decontamination stewards, regional supervisors...

City Recreation Center, Plattsburgh

AWI staff will be in Plattsburgh for the Discover Service and Earth Day Festival on April 22nd from 12-4pm.  Come talk to us...

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